MWS Scholarship

At MWS we are committed to make expeditions accessible to all Montana youth, regardless of socio-economic status. To make this possible, MWS offers partial and full scholarships to assist with tuition costs.

Scholarships are awarded to applicants who show the motivation and commitment to thrive on MWS expeditions and who would not be able to attend without financial support. Each scholarship is based on a number of criteria including financial need and responses to scholarship application questions. Scholarships are made available by the generosity of friends and supporters of the MWS Expedition Scholarship Fund.

If you are interested in applying for an expedition scholarship please fill out and submit the application below. If you would prefer to download the Scholarship Application and send via mail, here is the link:

MWS 2018 Scholarship Application

How to apply for a MWS scholarship:

All you need to do is fill out the scholarship form below and submit it online.

Please note: There are some documentation/information to prepare before starting to fill out your application:

  • One requirement is a scanned copy of your parents or guardians most recent 1040 tax return form with all IRS required forms. You'll need to attach the document in the Parent/Guardian Financial Information section of the form below. If you have a problem attaching the 1040 form, or don't have one available you can mail a copy to:
    Montana Wilderness School/Admissions
    P.O. Box 1183, Bozeman, MT 59771
  • You'll be asked to provide us with two references; these need to be two unrelated persons whom you know and who can provide a recommendation for this scholarship. They can be a teacher, guidance counselor, coach, employer, church leader or mentor. Please let them know a member of the MWS staff will contact them via phone or email.

Scholarship deadline

Expeditionary scholarship applications will be accepted on a revolving basis but need to be submitted with your general application. MWS scholarship funds are limited, and are awarded on a first come, first served basis. Please apply as soon as possible. All scholarship applications are reviewed upon receipt and all applicants will be notified by telephone and/or email as soon as possible about the status of their application.

For any questions, contact us at

Scholarship Application

Please note you can not save your progress on this form. You will be required to attach tax return documents and include personal references’ contact information. We strongly encourage you to prepare that information ahead of time, before starting to fill out the form.

You might have difficulty attaching documents via certain mobile devices and we encourage you to complete this form on a computer to avoid having to mail us the required accompanying documents separately.

Student Information
If I receive a scholarship I agree to participate in a thank you video or to write a thank you letter to donors of the MWS scholarship fund. (This is NOT required to receive a scholarship)
Estimation of Scholarship Needs
Reference #1
Reference #2
Describe what role the outdoors and wild spaces play in your life. Are these spaces important to you? Why?
Imagine yourself 5 years from today. What dreams and goals do you have for yourself personally and professionally?
Please describe what you hope to do with your MWS expedition education. For example, consider job skills or training for future adventures.
Parent/Guardian Financial Information
How many people will you as parents/guardians support this year? Include yourself, applicant and any others if you are providing for 50% or more of their support.
Current marital status?
Parents/Guardians (Combined) Annual Income?
Parents/ Guardians Annual Expenses
Housing (rent, mortgage)
Living expenses (utilities, food, clothing)
Medical and dental expenses not paid by insurance
School Tuition
Debt Payments
Credit Cards
Other (child car, entertainment, etc)
Tax Information - Families of applicants must submit the parents or guardians' most recent 1040 form.
Attach here a PDF of your most recent 1040 tax return (optional); If you cannot attach a pdf, please email us at to discuss another way to send us your income/tax information, or to ask for help.
Parent/Guardian Consent

I understand that MWS will rely on the information provided by this application when considering granting my dependent a scholarship. All the information provided by me is true and complete to the best of my knowledge:

Name of Applicant
Name of Parent/Guardian